Making out with the VAMPIRE GIRL


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
3:54 min - Jul 07 - .MP4 - 322.84 MB


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This clip is shot in POV. The WIDE ANGLE is great for KISSING/SM*THERING fans.This 3 min and 54 Second clip is a continuation of my previous VAMPIRE clip "Body worshiping the vampire girl" You dont HAVE to own that to own this or vice versa but it helps add to the story more If you have both! :D I say to you...."Hmmm are you nervous? Are you scared? Are you scared to get close to a VAMPIRE? I could glamour you and make you...but when your willing its so much better. Come closer to my PALE LIPS."I KISS the camera and you get a great view of my LIPS looking VERY BIG and COVERING the camera as if it was your mouth and you hear great LOUD KISSING NOISES."Do you feel how COLD my LIPS are? Theres no warmth in them at all. You like that, dont you?"My LIPS get BIG again as I get CLOSER AND CLOSER to you and KISS you (the camera) again and SM*THER it with a bunch of KISSES this time."Hmm do you think you can SURVIVE KISSING me? My VAMPIRE KISSES? I have not even shown you my FANGS yet..They might freak you out...Ive been trying to keep them hidden."A few more CLOSE KISSES with my LIPS looking big and me SMO*THER YOU (the camera) and you can hear my BREATHING very close to you. I back up from you and show you my SEDUCTIVE eyes and then get closer and back and forth a few times."Do you think you can take much more? You dont look so sure...Your looking a little hot and bthered."I kiss you CLOSE a few more times as you see my BIG LIPS get closer and closer to you..."Should I take PITY on you and stop? I probably should...but I dont really want to! What do you think, hmmm? Should I take it easy on you?"I SMO*HER you with KISSES before you even get a chance to respond."Ha ha...alright....Ill take pity on you and stop for now."CLIP INCLUDES: KISSING, VAMPIRE, GOTHIC, REDHEAD, POV, MAGIC CONTROL, EXECUTRIX elements, LIPS, MOUTH, PALE, WIDE ANGLE