Waiting for you to fuck me in LATEX


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
3:49 min - Jul 07 - .MP4 - 152.72 MB


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3 Min and 48 second Clip in WMV.Im in an awesome 60's themed hotel room with bright walls and in beautiful makeup with PURPLE LIPSTICK...I roll around the bed a little in my BLACK SHORT LATEX DRESS with criss crosses on the chest so you can see my CLEAVAGE...I say to you..."I bet you'd like to fuck me in this HOT LATEX DRESS huh?" I smile at you (POV/the camera) and continue to move around the bed in my TIGHT, SHINY DRESS...you can hear the sound of the LATEX very well...I come back up to you/the camera closely and say "Clearly...Im ready and willing! What are you waiting for?" I move around on the bed more and show off my SHAPELY BODY in my LATEX DRESS as I TEASE you."You just love the way my LATEX looks on my body, dont you? Do you like the noise it makes?"I pull it and you hear it SNAP.I move around some more and show you a great view of my CLEAVAGE in this beautiful dress."Do you see how great my TITS look in this?"I RUB my LATEX CLAD TITS.CLIP INCLUDES: LATEX, RUBBER FETISH, TEASE AND DENIAL, REDHEADS, MAKEUP, DIRTY TALK