My Human Toilet



British / London
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I wish I serve you as a toilet. I wanna clean up your asshole with my tongue after eating and swallowing your poop.

I know what a fucking pathetic cunt you are for my ass. I liked when you smacked it yesterday so I wore this... I know you are a slave to this ass and now you get it. I am going to on you and you will get all the view of my ass you could ever want!! I know you are a bit of a little bitch but I dont give a fuck. You are going to be humiliated like NEVER fucking before. You fit the bill for someone and I really want to Torment you. You will be my toilet bitch now. I will make you lay down and open that mouth as I squat over you just like this as I piss right down your throat and after that you will be eating my too. You will eat every little bit up like the bitch you are! Maybe I can just cover you in ! You deserve to be completely degraded you pervert