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British / London
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I am here to mind fuck you, torment you and make you do anything I want. You are my next victim. I want you to give me what I want and then throw you out. You don’t really care though do you. I will just use you for what I want and throw you in the bin but it turns you on. You like being used and tormented. You can’t resist me one single bit. I control everything about you, no jerking, spending or going out without my permission. I feed on your weakness. I love watching that horny and scared look in your eye. You are so mesmerized by me. Go send me a nice tribute and get that cock out. Squeeze that cock hard as you hit send. Go on. Good boy. You are such a pathetic little creature. You crave this torment. You can’t help yourself. Stroke that tiny cock of yours for me. My worthless excuse of a man, you are now a quivering little mess. I love mindfucking you to do whatever I want. Such a weak little loser. - Becky