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British / London
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You are such a bad husband. Your wife is such an old boring hag that all you can do is wank to my videos. She can’t help it though, I guess It’s not her fault. It’s your fault for marrying her. Today you will repeat after me while you jerk right next to her. If you don’t do it then you will not get to jerk at all. I don’t care if she hears you, now repeat after me. “I love jerking for Princess Becky.” Oh, no did she twitch? Haha, she might hear you any second! Now wank that cock for me. Up and down like a good boy. I bet it feels so fucking good. Now stop it loser. Just sit there and watch me. Now say “My wife is disgusting.” Now start jerking again, I bet it feels so good. The fear of getting caught excites you so much. It scares you but you can’t help yourself. Just imagine this huge ass pressed against your face. It would be a dream come true! Such a bad husband! – Becky Dee