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Job Interview - Show me you want the job

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very good video

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Great video she is super tight when he gets in she is super wet 2 thumbs up from me.

A hot brunette is late for a job interview but the white interviewer is not impressed. He asks the hot Arab girl whether she really wants the job of being his Secretary and berates her for being so late. When she asks whether she could make up for it in some way, he takes advantage of the smartly dressed desperate muslim slut, talking dirty to her whilst showing her his huge white cock. He reminds her that if she really wants to be his Personal Assistant, she has no choice but to prove she is the right person for the vacancy. With his big white dick now in her hands, he asks her, “Show me you want the job. Show me what it means to you.” The shy Arab girl hesitates a lot but her new boss has her under pressure to prove she can perform for him. She complains about his big dick saying, “it’s so big, I can’t even get it into my mouth.” He retorts, “But you should at least try.. It’s going to have to go in somewhere, you know that - if you want this job..” He continues to tease and mock her, taking the upper hand and full advantage of her powerlessness and desperation. She reluctantly continues to stroke his big cock, and lick his thick shaft and balls, trying her best to make up for her lateness and prove she is serious about becoming his Secretary. He unzips her dress and pulls it down around her waste to reveal her big boobs. The Muslim habibi is sat humiliated with her tits out as he begins to toy with her naturally large F-cup boobs, squeezing her erect nipples that are bursting from her bra. He can sense that she feels it’s wrong to submit to him, but her pussy has other ideas. He asks her again, “do you want this job?”. When the sexy Arab replies “Yes”, he begins sucking on her big tits. He tells her, “Open your legs for me if you want this job”. He makes her pull up her dress so he can see the top of her stockings and suspenders and access her Muslim pussy. The filthy interviewer then slides his hand up her thighs and reaches his fingers into her knickers, fingering her Arab pussy until she begins to moan helplessly. He then tells her that if she bends over, she will make a good Personal Assistant. The middle-eastern beauty obeys him, giving him complete access to her sweet Arab pussy. He uses his hands, spreading her pussy really wide and begins pussy eating vigorously. His white cock is so thick he has to use both hands to hold her tight pussy wide open so he can begin pushing the girth of his dick inside her as he begins to fuck her doggystyle. He repeats the question, “Do you want the job?” and her reply is “Yes” while moaning uncontrollably, obediently pushing herself back onto his cock when he commands it. After penetrating her doggy-style, he turns her onto her back and declares, “You’re going to be the best kind of Personal Assistant.” He eats her wet pussy and flicks his tongue on her erect clitoris while she moans in pleasure. He then begins to penetrate her in missionary position, pushing the full length of his cock deep inside her. He chides, “It’s almost like you’re enjoying it because your cunt’s getting wet”, while thrusting his cock inside her, talking dirty telling her, “I’m going to cum inside your cunt”. He pulls out and eats her pussy some more while she plays with her big tits, pulling hard on her own brown nipples and moaning while pinching them. Finally, he fingers her pussy and masturbates until he ejaculates a huge load of cum. He keeps shooting more and more cum all over her big boobs; soaking her shoulders, chest, stomach all the way down to her garter that is now covered in his sperm