Chilling and belching on command



Spanish / Spain
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It is always a good time for a burping session, my boy. I am waiting for a friend to go to the cinema together, I am chilling on the sofa with my cute blue dress and the air conditioner on. I am relaxed and I feel like burping a bit to amuse my throat. No Coke or any other carbonated stuff, just my most natural belches on command, using the amazing strenght and skills of my throat. First of all, I need to warm it up, my first burps are light, I need to get some rhythm. Enjoy my beautiful face and my big black eyes in a very close-up angles, sometimes looking straight at you, but above all don´t miss my wonderful cleavage, this is such an amazing summer dress to go out tonight, you will love it. My belches come constantly, one after another one, and my belly is filling with air. Yeah, there is always the Big Bang Burp waiting for its moment, even two or three ones are, as the final climax. Don´t miss them! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you feel like chilling on the sofa with me today. HIGHLIGHTED: An absolute silence, just my belches as the main characters. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW