Making Mommy Listen to Me Fuck Daddy

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American / Kalos
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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Jul 9 2017
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Her role plays are hot. I don't know if it's the slight southern accent or I really think that it's her smoldering voice that just turns up the heat in her videos. Be patient and watch her slowly but deeply use her toy until towards the end of the video where she pulls it out and she positively drips..... HOT!

Finally mommy is away on business and I can snuggle up to daddy for some daddy daughter time with no interruptions. As daddy come over to cuddle with his baby girl hiss phone rings. It's mommy, but you're not going to let her ruin your fun with daddy. Instead I decide to include mommy it my own little twisted way! I grab the phone and tell mommy she's called at the perfect time. Just in time to listen to me fuck daddy!! I pull out daddy's cock and begin licking and sucking away while holding the phone so mommy can hear every bit of what I'm doing to daddy while she's away! She going to be so jealous when she hears him fucking his babygirl ! I just love teasing mommy
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