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Abridged/Quickie version of the longer "About Face." Okay, if any of us weren't yet convinced that this curvy MILF is truly one of the most orally uninhibited amateurs on the Internets, well, this most recent cum-drenched clip should certainly seal the deal for any of those still undecided on the matter. Certainly, Leslie's cocksucking and deep throating skills are well documented all throughout her pre-existent"body of work," but this exceptionally brazen, all-oral session clearly takes her insatiable hunger for cock and cum to the next level! After exposing her full, perky tits for all to ogle and enjoy, this horny mature hottie gets right down to business--licking, sucking and deep throating hubby's fully erect, sizable schlong with exceptional aplomb. Then, just when we all are convinced that those balls are gonna blow within seconds, viewers are surprised with another unexpected treat, as Leslie opts to relive her "band camp" days to see if she still remembers how to play her favorite rusty instrument. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to have lost her touch, for after a thorough ass-licking and hand job accompaniment, she tongues and sucks hits full, heavy balls until they reward her with a hefty deposit of hot jizz across her eager/enchanting face and down her chin, leaving all of us eagerly anticipating an encore performance