The Diapered Shower Experience : Mobile

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Nothing makes Janira hornier than completely filling up multiple, extra thick Abena M4 diapers until they are literally bursting at the seams. The best way a naughty diapergirl like Janira Wolfe can really get that instant gratification diaper swell feeling is by having a little diapered shower playtime. She gets so turned on when her diapers begin to grow and overflow that she can't help but begin to play with her extra padded pussy. The diapers only keep getting that much heavier and thicker around her perfect crinkly ass as the warm water continues to fill up every last inch. The more her diapers swell, the hornier Janira becomes as the ever growing padding firmly presses against her sweet, powdered clit causing pure ecstasy. Diaper Girlfriend Janira is officially in heaven and can't stop cumming in her huge, thick Abena diapers until she is a complete sopping mess...just the way a true diaper girl loves it!!! Warning : Don't stand too close to your monitor or you may get wet