You Know You Want to Smell Me



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I know about your kink, and I love it. You love the smell of me...all my aromas, from my sweet pits, to my lovely pussy, my feet and my ass. I'm wearing a satin corset and spandex pants, with high heels, and this outfit is really trapping in my scents I'm sure. First, would you like to smell my armpits? I raise my arms, letting you get a good look at my cleavage. I sniff and even lick my own pits a bit. You like the pungent smell of my pits don't you? Admit turns me on too. I'm not shy to say so. I don't wear deoderant, that's how much I like my own smell. I spread my legs, letting you smell the crotch of my spandex leggings. Can you smell me? I rarely wear underwear either. I love the smell of pussy don't you? How about if I peel these pants down, let you see my perfect round butt, and spread my asshole for you. Do you like the earthy scent of ass? Of course you do. Mmmm take a good whiff, and of my bare pussy too. Really get your nose in there, let me feel your hot breath. It's so intimate and private, smelling me. Now I'll take off these tight, hot, sweaty heels and let you smell my feet, my soles and my toes. I'll curl them for you, letting you see how they're painted slutty red. And arch my soles while you really sniff them and jerk yourself off to orgasm for me