Goth girls Bad Dragon DP + nipple clamps

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Canadian / SunnyVale
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Typearranger - Top reviewer Aug 5 2017
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Holy shit! I love goth and tentacle vids, and this one meets both! Amelia is so hawt! And I love seeing her cum with tentacles in her ass and pussy! So hawt!

I look hot as hell AND goth as hell in this video! black lipstick, collar, garters, & nylon thigh highs are guaranteed to make your cock twitch for me ;) we start off with a bit of nipple clamp play! i show off my huge tits and squeal as the clamps pinch my ultra sensitive nipples. next, after some fingering, i start fucking my wet, hairy pussy with my Wyver dragon dildo! this dildo has many ridges and a big knot at the bottom. it feels so good stretching my little cunt!! then it's time for my ass to get stuffed! i fuck myself & sit on my tentacle dildo! the suction cup bumps feel amazing inside me and i moan all the while. I sit on the tentacle and fuck my pussy with the wyvern, but with my ass now stuffed it feels HUGE! i feel stuffed so full i can't help but rub my hard little clit until i cum