Shaving My Hairy Legs



American / Oregon
23:21 min - Jul 10 - .MP4 - 867.53 MB


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Love hairy legs + this was best leg shaving movie because the legs were hairy to start- so sexy to see whole process. Hope you grow them back.

I love hairy women (you have a superb bush + pits) + really like hairy legs too.Yet there is something incredibly sexy about hairy legs being shaved slowly + sensually. Your movie is hotter than the other leg shaving movies because your legs were hairy to start with. Hopefully you'll let them grow back fully + maybe tease us again!

23.5-min 1080p widescreen. I let my legs get so hairy – I hadn't shaved them in at least a couple months! I caress my fuzzy legs, giving you good closeup views of the long hair, and rub thick fragrant lotion into my skin. I'm totally naked, so you can see my big fluffy bush, too. Then I carefully soap up and shave the hair off my legs... it takes a long time, because sooo much hair gets jammed into the razor with each stroke! Finally, after the hair is all gone, I rub in more lotion to make my skin soft and silky smooth