A terror burping night, dinner and movie



Spanish / Spain
21:19 min - Jul 10 - .MP4 - 1.20 GB


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I love terror and gore movies and I usually watch them alone at home. There are women who scream like a crazy or hug their teddies when they watch a horror movie, I indeed have dinner serenely and burp happily. Terror movies are the fuel that feeds my adrenaline and I really enjoy them. You are invited to enjoy this home show as if you were here. Make yourself comfortable on my sofa, look at my expressive face and check how I show my emotions and feelings through my famous gassy belches, already legendary all over the world. Spanish chorizo and toasted bread dinner, my Coke and a good gore french movie, the perfect cocktail for an exciting Sunday night in my relaxing dimly lit living room. I am wearing my funny nightgown and my eyeglasses. This is real happiness! No need of anything else, let´s be scared, will you guess which movie I am watching? 10 points for you if you do! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: The shining or The Exorcist are some of your favourite movies. HIGHLIGHTED: Freddy Krueger would be scared shitless if he entered my house... INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW