Pinned, Teased & Fucked

9:33 min - Sep 27 - .WMV - 162.33 MB


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You and Loki are wrestling in bed. You overpower him and push him down onto his back. You mount him and start riding him, while pinning his wrists down. He struggles to break free, but you are stronger and you keep him down. You belittle him for not being able to break free. So I'm thinking maybe a 5 minute video. You wrestle nude and playful the first minute, then things heat up and you get on top of him. I want you to be very aggressive, and mocking him for being beat by a girl. He should be emasculated and really trying to get up, but you pin him down. Grinding, crotch to crotch. As if you were having sex with you on top. Camera from the side, mostly, and I want you to ride him hard while he struggles to break free
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