Bound, Stripped, & Used

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CUSTOM* Camille is a strict teacher, and she's set up a tutoring day with a troublesome male student of her's. She walks into the house, finding the door mysteriously unlocked, and walks in, looking for the parents or the student or anybody, really. After a short time, she decides to just wait, sitting down on the couch and taking her shoes off to show her gorgeous feet and toes in black pantyhose. She flexes her feet a bit, quite happy to have them out of her shoes for a while, and, once she's waited a little while longer, she decides to leave. As she puts her shoes back on and starts to leave, she's grabbed from behind by a masked man. She yelps and struggles for a bit; then, realizing that it must be her student, she starts to tell her student to let her go at once. He cups his hand over her mouth and tells her that she's his now. He leads her to a bed and restrains her against it. She tries to fight the restraints, but to no avail; she's been captured.The masked student violently rips off Camille's blouse and skirt and takes off her shoes, leaving her wearing only her bra, panties and pantyhose. She tells him that she's going to report him to the school and have him expelled, but he notices that she's gotten a little wet from the rough treatment, so he starts to rub her pussy through her panties and tells her to go ahead and do that if she really wants to. She moans, but still tells him that she means it, even though she's clearly enjoying what the student's doing to her. He then removes her panties and bra, leaving her almost fully nude, save for the pantyhose. He then gets out a vibrator and positions it in front of her pussy. She begs him to not turn on the machine, but her voice is soon lost when the machine is activated and Camille is thrown into wave after wave of pleasure as the machine vibrates. As she's being vibed, we get plenty of shots of Camille's toes and soles wiggling, and her face as she's moaning. After some time of this and maybe an orgasm from Camille, she seems more compliant when the machine is turned off. The student takes off the restraints on her feet.The student then worships her feet for a while, licking and sucking at her soles and toes. Camille tells hims that he's such a naughty student, and that she's always loved teasing him during tests with her shoes and feet, causing him to do so poorly and get him into this situation in the first place. This revelation gets him to take his pants off and stroke himself while he licks and sucks even harder. At some point during the worship, he rips her pantyhose off and worships her bare feet for a while. She tells him to go ahead and fuck her feet, and he begins to rub his cock in-between her soles. She figures out the motion pretty quickly, and starts to give him a full-on footjob. She switches up her technique, sometimes going slowly, other times going quickly, and even wiggling her toes on his ball sack a few times. The student tells her that he wants her to tell him to cum on her bare feet, and she tells him that she won't do everything for him. He then tickles her until she says yes, please, cum on my feet! He goes back to roughly fucking her feet until he eventually reaches his climax, and cums on her bare feet. He then leaves, and we see Camille wiggling her cum-covered toes and demanding he now release her at once as the scene ends
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