Time to Fess Up



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I think it's time that your wife learned what a pig you really are. You've been married and you might fuck your wife - maybe you do't but instead of being faithful and knowing that it's YOU that is the reason why, you buy porn! You buy custom videos, buy locked twitter, buy website access, and you're taking money from your wife! You could do so much stuff with that money that you are spending on buying femdom videos. You took that money from your wife. At some point you're not going to be there and she will be left with what you've saved. What is she going to do when she is left with nothing because you spend all of your money on me. I want you to get your phone or camera an you're going to record a message to your wife. You're going to tell her what a horrible husband that you've been. Your wife is going to hate you and she might even leave you. I bet she tells you exactly how she's always felt about you and now the truth is going to come out