Full Mouth

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Blair Waters

French / France
6,066 5.0
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Cumming4U - Top reviewer Jul 22 2017
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Hot Pov! nice view, tears were sexy

Thank you love<3

Gazronsdarkness Aug 18 2017
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Blair is so hot in this one love all the spit makes u feel like her mouth would feel like heaven this is a must have

Blair Waters Aug 18 2017


After my along afternoon at yoga class...you wait for me. I know how much you love when I'm on my knees sucking you slow. My mouth is too wet for wordssssss, dripping from my lips, to my chin, to your cock. Can you last? As I try to push you deeper in my mouth, my eyes water up, and a tear comes streaming from my face. My cute face is a delight to see, and watching mouth wrap around your cock is unbearable! Let's see shall we