Freebie Tuesday

Car Masturbation


Wild Phoenix

American / Florida
3:13 min - Jul 13 - .MP4 - 186.99 MB


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Driving around with nothing to do on a steamy hot day, what's a girl to do with herself? I was feeling a little bit bored and a lot naughty so I found a parking lot to pass some time in a very sexy way. With people milling about their business, I reach down and lift my dress, working a hand into my panties. I take my tits out, squeezing my boobs and pulling my nipples until they are hard. The danger of getting caught at any moment by an unsuspecting passerby has me hot and wet between the legs. I play gently with my pussy, pulling the panties aside, spreading, rubbing my glistening cunt. I can't resist the allure anymore and I quickly climax right in my car in broad daylight. After recomposing myself, I am ready for the drive home with no one the wiser about my quick cum break