Dog Cone WAM Destroyer

313 5.0

Bad Dolly

British / England
313 5.0
9:44 min - Jul 12 - .MP4 - 390.62 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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eyemblacksheep - Top reviewer Aug 4
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what a brilliant idea - amazing!

Wearing a sexy shiny skintight PVC catsuit Dolly poses around showing off her sexy body. She knows you are going to punish her and she can't get out of it, she puts on a tight dog cone round her neck, feeling very silly and humiliated she begs you not to! You ignore her and pour a huge huge jug of cold lumpy custard over her head. It covers all her hair and whole face and as it drips down it fills the dog cone. Dolly tries to keep her mouth above the custard in the cone while you add more to her punishment, you smoosh orange marmalade all over her face, spilling down into the dog cone.Then you smash creamy jam cakes in her face and crumble other dry cakes on top of the filthy wet and messy cone! She stands there full of shame her cone full to the brim,afterwards you let her take the cone off and all the messy food sploshes down her catsuit covering her whole body