Punk girl is a HOMEWRECKER


Deanna Deadly

Irish / Nashville,TN
3:14 min - Jul 13 - .MP4 - 268.05 MB


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In this 3 Minute and 13 second video the hot PUNK TATTOOED REDHEAD girl next door is talking to you in POV. She must have buttdialed you on accident or something....But you clearly ran RIGHT over....Your mistake.She says how she knows you are always staring at her ASS in the garden and she knows you see her go out late at night in her tight little LATEX dresses. She KNOWS you've always wanted to bang a cute little alt girl like her." Oh, your worried about your wife? Ha. Why would I care about your wife or what she thinks?!...I think we should fuck! What do you think....? Who cares about your wife! She will never know....or if she does it will defenently be worth it. I mean come on....look at this!"The little homewrecker pulls up her shirt and shows off her chest and stomach and ass."You really can say NO to that?! Oh...You think im a HOMEWRECKER? ha! Well so what if I came....Its fun. Plus...Obviously it was your thought first. So you know...If your wife said something to me Id say it was your idea first anyways! ACTUALLY I think...If you back out now then Im going to tell her that we did fuck. So...now your just kind of stuck with me. So horrible right? Oooo the hot alt girl next door is making me have sex with her. CLIP INCLUDES: HOMEWRECKER, REDHEAD, TEASE, TATTOOS