Mommy Issues

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Mommy Issues Starring Holly Kiss You have sort the professional services of relationship therapist, Holly Kiss. Holly specialises in taboo relationships, dark fantasies, and perverted desires. She has seen it all and offers a judgement-free space where you can share your naughtiest, wildest, visions and experiences. Holly invites you to tell her why you have visited her today. You explain that you have mommy issues. "Mommy issues. Yes. Yes. Let me start by telling you that this is very common. It's very normal, and totally okay." Holly reassures you before she starts to probe deeper into your relationship with your mother. "How far back do these thoughts and feelings go? To your early adolescence? Earlier? How do they manifest themselves?" You start to divulge information about your fascination with your mom in a way you never have before. You confess it all, telling Holly about how you steal your mom's panties and how you use them to masturbate too. You confess that your feelings are growing stronger and that you feel you need to make your fantasy of fucking your mom a reality. Holly is here to help. In her professional capacity, and as an older woman, someone old enough to be your mom, Holly will help facilitate your fantasy. She will use a special form of hands-on therapy to help release your tension. Holly is your pseudo mom, a step-in, if you like. Use her as you wish to use your mom. Holly is very accommodating and very reassuring, telling you how proud your mom would be if you were doing this to her right now