S-CLASS - [Hinata] Shy but slutty

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do another hinata when she is a teenage

Wulf49 Jul 12 2017
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Talk about SEXY JUTSU!!! Hinata is so deliciously sweet and HAWT throughout the entire vid and the cinematography is perfect and on fleek. The best Hinata cosplay I've seen, the beginning masturbation solo nearly killed me ⁽͑˙˚̀༎˚́˙⁾̉ When Naruto enters the scene, then comes the foot action. tbh, I've never really been into footjobs, but this was insanely hot! the POV reverse cowgirl scene nearly killed me again with the epic view of Dat Booty (^་།^) The switch to cowgirl gave a great overview angle and the POV blowjob/cumshot was just icing on the proverbial cake. ending thoughts: awesome vid, won't be disappointed. BUY IT!! (^_^)-b

whatastorymark - Top reviewer Jul 12 2017
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I know Naruto, at least enough to know about him and Hinata from the first season. Most of PK's cosplays feature characters I have no idea about, but it all comes down to the appearance and performance and she always scores high in those departments. The difference here is somewhat being able to relate the story, the cosplay, to the source material, specifically the anime. For that, once again she scores high, the title of the video is exemplified completely by her. She is very shy in the beginning, looking so cute in the process, but then steadily becomes a very horny person, and unleashes her slutty jutsu, elevating to being drop-dead sexy. There's great build up in this scene, she starts by masturbating, I'll say charging up that slutty jutsu.

A personal favorite feature of mine in women are the feet. From the videos of PK that I've seen, the extent of seeing her lovely feet only stretched to her in stockings. Regardless, the toe curling in those videos were noticeable enough for me to really enjoy them. This takes it one step further, with the lovely fishnets, showing even more of her feet. Such a delight as she plays with herself in anticipation for that knuckleheaded ninja, the toe curling, the toe spreading! Oh that's something I haven't seen much from her, really appreciated that, painted nails, feet and fingers. The location being different from other videos, definitely served the scene really well. During the masturbation, which went into fingering, there was a great cut to a closer shot of the self-pleasing action, well done, professional in my opinion.

Overall on the dialogue, it's really good, spot on in terms of Hinata's character and satisfying the fantasy of her getting, well, slutty. It's so hentai too, I really enjoyed that. So that knucklehead just hops on in their, dumb frog he is, watches Hinata cum. He realizes that she's so hot, much more than that pink-haired bitch. The funniest part came here, “Looking at Naruto's boner.” Boner, that just made me laugh. She said she has no experience in the ways of satisfying the boner, but she would try her best. Boy does she ever. Not before saying a common hentai line “This is so embarrassing.” Oh, but she does the footjob so well. I was going crazy at this point, a bit of drooling from myself as well. It goes on long enough to notice some little things, which I like to do. On her right foot, her first two toes really stick out of the fishnets, and they looked so cute. All of them do, just that seeing them less covered by the fishnets, like some unintentional tease, piled on with the absolute sexiness going on. She plays with herself during this, just put in perspective, she's watching him get off (she makes that clear in the subtitles), he's watching her get off, I'm watching her get off. Testament to the video's quality, watching it again for the review, I noticed something I didn't the first time, one bit where she curls the toes on the penis, wow! The video's a case of being in some haze where I'm looking at certain things, and just miss others. I was probably as focused as her getting Naruto off. When she came, her body went all electric, feet just shot up in the air, an explosive orgasm basically, I loved that. She even went back to the footplay, wasn't done with the dick by a longshot. I loved too the open-mouth facial expressions as she was really getting off, I think I saw smiles too. Her face in the whole video was just oozing sexiness, and desire, satisfaction too I think.

But there's still more to go! Even though it goes into dildo riding, another one of my personal favorites, the camera is positioned in a way to where her feet can still be seen! The back of them, oh my watching them, especially the right foot, as she rides the cock was incredible. The sounds she made in the whole scene was amazing, I felt though here is where they started to take more of a spotlight, without subtitles shown, I'm pretty sure a few times she said “Naruto-kun” among lots of heavenly moans. She takes her time, gradually increasing riding speed and intensity, as she built up momentum, there's a cut to a closer shot of the riding, more feet in the frame, close together, butt looking absolutely incredible, oh fuck. Sakura wouldn't do this, she'd just be texting Sasuke while she's getting someone's ninja staff. I actually really liked the bed noise and what I think is the dildo as she rides that hard. They signify her really getting into the action, I'm fucking into it that's for sure. One of the best things about PK is that it doesn't look like she's making a video, as if it's a job to do, satisfy other people. She's satisfying herself in the process, it's more than just a video, it's an expression of her as a sexual creature, and really among other things. A technician too, getting all the details in camera work and lighting, definitely editing. All too often with solo content makers, there's a lack of editing, there's looks to themselves rather than the camera. With PK it's entering a different reality for at least half an hour (or even over an hour like her Pet In Heat video), watching as she uses up all her energy in the video, the viewer using up all theirs, soaking in the magic, gently being sent back into their reality, drained, but very very happy. That's my situation every time I watch a PK video, however this stands out for ticking all of my own personal boxes, my little, selfish desires. Like if I were to personally request a video from her, this would be the result.

I got off track, yeah she rides that blonde motherfucker. Can't forget the face, scene fades into her in a front riding position, bouncing up and down on her shaft super hard. Wow her boobs looked especially awesome here, them nipples being hard. Ah man, it was really building up to a climax, her tongue was sticking out, Naruto said he said close, he wouldn't be alone in that department, but then fade to black. OH! She goes and asks for him to finish in her mouth, wanting to taste his seed. The scene hits the reset button, giving a break at first from the intense riding, but not letting down in following up with some sensual blowjob action. That itself becomes intense towards the end. Along with that she's completely naked, great look at the face, the eyes, even her nipples. They still were hard, brilliant. She uses her hands, she uses no hands, she covers all bases with the oral action, even the stroking. My goodness, tongue sticking out many times too, some spit, she just goes to town. It's not like pro porn where they only gag and the oral is way too quick. Those lack sensuality, a softness, which PK's a master of, along with the hardcore. It finishes just right with her mouth full of the stuff, and then she invites that goofball for round 2 the next day. So lucky.

The feelings for this movie were solidified after one viewing, easily. But, I spoiled myself watching a bit of it again, of course the footjob part...and...I only lasted less than a minute! Three pump Charlie. I was only separated from the video for 8 hours. What I did for most of that 8 hours? Sleep, so I almost immediately went to this scene after waking up. I didn't give it much of a break, and I just wanted to see some and do the review then. I was drained after that, watched a movie that served as the absolute best follow-up to an amazing (albeit short) second time with the video. Fucking awesome movie after a fucking awesome video, and then what? Watched the video again! For the review, so I paced myself more, as I did the first time seeing this. Second time was just, I blame the video happily for that, nothing negative at all, not ashamed of it, nothing like that has gotten me in that way, which makes this video very special. I didn't want to leave the video hanging, so, I stopped the pacing, and, yeah, another one, you know what. If I'm right, there are 3 cums in that video, her twice, Naruto at the end. I basically matched that, within 12 fucking hours!!! If that isn't a sign of an amazing video, I don't know what is. Every PK video viewing results in me being drained and needing to sleep, so imagine how tapped I am because of this video, essentially seeing it three times, “finishing” on all those instances. It's fantastic.

Because of that, I think anyone can interpret from my words that this is my favorite PK video, so far, but she's a woman that always does her best in everything she does, to say “favorite” doesn't mean one video shreds another in quality, it's not so much a competition. All the S-Class videos she's made that I've seen have all been fantastic and have since gotten replays from me, that will just continue. This video simply got an instant jump in the collection, and it's really because she did everything I fantasized personally in a porn scene. Previous videos I've easily and lovingly adapted to the action, even to things I never would've thought I'd give a chance, like water bondage. Here it seems to be reversed, like she adapted to my own little tastes, and this is just me. Anyone and everyone can enjoy this, I'm pretty sure non-feet people would as well. One can't just deny that her feet look beautiful and are features so prominently in the video, I'm really happy for that especially. Everything else is outstanding too. Thank you Wulf49, son of a bitch. And thank you PK!

Uberlover Jul 12 2017
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PityKitty (PK) delivers another elegant, exciting piece of erotic storytelling. Hinata is such a horny slut, she can't keep her fingers off her pussy while waiting for Naruto-kun. When he arrives, he gets her to work his length with her stocking-clad feet. Caring for both cock and balls, HInata massages expertly with her feet, using her big toes to give particular attention the head. Of course she has to finger her slutty pussy to the sight of his hard cock. Excellent closeup of her magnificent ass follows, as she rides up and down on his cock - panties just pulled aside. Hinata ends the night by using her lips and tongue to tease his sperm out of his balls and into her mouth in an arousing POV. Do yourself a favor - The first time you watch this movie, just... watch. Let PK's slutty action and the erotic rhytm of her bed springs make it almost impossible to not play along. Then, you watch it again and join her. A true classic that's worth countless revisits. Bring a towel.

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The beloved, sensational, kawaii and sexy PityKitty surprises us once more with your excellent marvelous naughty skills in her videos. As much as I like to watch Naruto (which I barely have time) I do enjoy the characters and story, but the fillers... hahaha the fillers are hard to endure >_<
This time, PK is the gentle, lovely Hinata Hyuga, Naruto's deep crush and lover! After the class, Hinata invites Naruto to her house. While he's inside the house, Hinata runs to her room and starts having naughty ecchi thoughts of Naruto and begins to play with herself.

Wearing a kunoichi ninja outfit and sexy fishnet stockings, Hinata masturbates with an air of shyness, innocence and cuteness, rubbing the delicate curves of the labia and clit passionately while thinking of Naruto-kun. The pleasure lights up and intensifies to her climax, but suddenly Naruto opens the door of her room and accidentally sees Hinata cumming in front of him!

Both surprised and embarrassed, Hinata convinces Naruto-kun to make him feel good too. Hinata this time uses your feet (with lotion) to rub his thick hard cock, giving a blissful pleasure to Naruto-kun. The way she performs the footjob is extraordinary, stunning, and is so damn fucking arousing that even Hinata rubs her pussy together in front of him. Both Hinata and Naruto cums at the same time with overwhelming bliss.

Hinata desperately asks Naruto have sex with her.

"I need your dick inside me right now"
I'm so sorry but I can't wait anymore!"

To Naruto rushes to bed and lays on back and Hinata inserts his thick hard cock inside your beautifuly wet pussy. A rough, tender session of rocking back and forth begins with Hinata being in reverse cowgirl, exposing her heart-shaped hot ass, revealing her naughty lewd side of her that Naruto has never seem Both are engulfed in ultimate heaven of pleasure they wish this never ends. The pace is picking up as the tension rises up, Hinata asks Naruto to cum on her mouth.

Hinata initiates a fucking, hot and lewd blowjob, sucking his dick from every inch. Sucking and licking his head with deep passion and lust, with also giving a lovely deepthroat. A magical and beautiful show. Naruto feels his release coming and cums on Hinata's kawaii face!

After the blissful session. Hinata asks if Naruto wants to come to her house tomorrow after class.
The rest, we all know what goes next ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I want to say THANK YOU as always for your deep and excellent effort on making this video, PK. Without us, this wouldn't have come to reality. Thanks to all of the members who helped on PK's work!
PK, stay amazing like star that will bright more and more and may your brightness spreads to everywhere else! You have my support and my friendship and this kind of work makes me so much happy!

With love and care ♥

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while I'm not a huge fan of foot fetish vids I would definitely recommend this vid to those who are big fans of both Naruto and Foot Fetishes. Awesome work as always PK, keep up!

The video is 32 minutes long. 1920x1080 50 FPS, [recorded with DSLR and semi-professional illumination]---------- [Scripted Video] [Mini-history]---------- The video contains: Cosplaying Hinata from Naruto, POV blowjob and POV fuck, Closeups, Large dildo insertion, Footjob, Feet, Roleplay, Self masturbation ---------- HINATA: I'm tired of hiding behind the trees and secretly watching him, I want to make the first move! I love Naruto-kun and I want to marry him. -------------- I'll ask him to come to my house today after class! It's so daring but... there's no other way! -------------- I'll cook ramen, we will watch a film, and then... and then