Hinata greedy suck and ride

34,408 5.0


34,408 5.0
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An absolutely amazing PoV blowjob with tons of entrancing eye contact, the fact that you also get to view the fishnets show off Hidori's curves makes the PoV even better. A perfect Hinata and a perfect PoV makes this a must have.

w00zah Aug 14
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favorite female anime/manga of mine with a really nice fantasy. love it

aavila316 deleted Jul 30
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Hentai Senpai this is one hell of a video. i'm not quite sure how to describe it. WELL DONE!

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This was so good my favourite video of yours so far

It's summer and it's hot, you're just laying around naked watching some Naruto to pass the time. All of a sudden something magic happens - Hinata teleports out of the screen and she's standing right in front of you in all her glory...except her pants. At first she's confused and shy, she wonders why are you naked with your big cock out. She's unsure what to do but soon reaches the conclusion that she is probably in a mission or under some kind of Jutsu and she must do something to get out... Her mission? Make you cum! And hard! So that's what she starts doing, sucking your big hard cock with greed (she secretly likes it , the little slut...) then riding it and finnally taking your big load inside her mouth. At the end she thanks you like a good little ninja slut ! Check out my other Hinata vids and my photoset at my store