White Fishnet Dress


Studio XXX

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I’m wearing my white fishnet dress with white Underwear and I’m feeling Hot & Horny and in the mood to tease so I hope you have your cocks out as it’s time to play and I start by fingering my wet pussy then take off my knickers so I can spread my legs wider for you before removing my dress and bra so Im naked. So you want a close look at my arse hole do you? it looks so inviting and I love to finger it but I must not forget my Pussy so it’s time to grab one of my vibrating friends and lube him up ready to slip up my juicy Cunt, so watch as I tease my clit before sliding it slowly deep inside me before ramming it home. I writhe about with pleasure as I pound away with my vibrator squeezing hard with my pussy muscles until I make the motor stop, I sit on it and the motor strains and I hope I don’t burn it out, but I manage to reach a climax before switching it off and allowing it to cool down, but just look how wet and juicy my pussy is as I spread it for you. Auntie Trisha xxx