Wet Nightgown Goddess


Evil Opal

American / Florida
18:33 min - Sep 19 - .MP4 - 1.05 GB


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When I'm making these videos it's almost like I'm making something special for my lover. I love looking into the camera and imagining that you're there looking back at me (probably with your dick in your hand, lol!) and everything I do is designed especially to tease, arouse & push your buttons, from the way I flex the sole of my foot and wriggle my toes for the camera, to the way I arch my body so you can see how the soaking sheer white fabric of my gown shines and clings to me, to the way I fling my gown off completely at the end so you can admire my tiny, wet panties. BUY THIS NOW & enjoy another video lovingly designed to keep you throbbing hard and ready to explode