Hairy army wife


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
10:33 min - Jul 13 - .WMV - 627.26 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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Your wife has been missing you so much on this deployment, the house is so empty with out you. So she decided to make you a little tape to keep you company on those long, lonely nights. This is for your eyes only though! Not to be passed around by the other guys in your platoon. She has dressed up in your camo jacket, heels with no pants! She shows off to you just how good her tight body looks. Then she shows you your first surprise. She slowly unzips the jacket to revel the sexy black lingerie underneath. The top is sheer black and you can see her nipples get hard as the soft material slides over them. Then it time for your second surprise...She knows how much you like an all natural women, and want her to grow out her bush. How you spent some time in France and now hairy armpits drive you crazy...well she decided to grow everything out for you while you were gone, so when you come back you can do all the kinky naughty things you've been dreaming of. She has stop shaving everything these past 2 weeks and delights in showing off to you the progress. She starts with her legs, running her hands up and down, showing you the cute hairs that have grown in. At first she was embarrassed about growing her armpits out. What if someone saw her in the store? But then she thought about how much she loves fucking you and how much she wanted to please you and did it anyway. She shows you the thick, luxurious hair that has graced her beautiful armpits. She admits she kind of likes it. Its so soft to touch and stroke. As she runs her fingers though the hair she confesses she really likes how the smell now. She takes a deep whiff and enjoys her heady scent. Its turns her on, the scent reminds her of when you fuck her so good. She can't wait to show you her pussy. This is the biggest her bush has ever been! She takes of her black lingerie to revel a micro thong underneath. It barely contains her pussy lips as she shows you all the hair that has grown in. She slowly runs her fingers though her pussy hair. She tugs and plays with the hair getting her super turned on. She wishes her hard cock was there to fuck her right now. Making this tape for you has made her so horny. She shows your her hairy asshole, and tells you that she wants you to cum for her. She wants you to imagine her big hairy pussy in your mouth. Breathing in deep the scent of her bush as you suck on her phat pussy lips. She moans in anticipation and knows how much you need this release. So give her every last drop of your load right in her hairy bush