19 Y/O Kristen's First Time On Camera



American / Fox City
30:50 min - Jul 14 - .MOV - 361.73 MB - 1280x720 HD


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I'll admit, we take 'em all on. Big. Small. Pro. Vet. Doesn't much matter to us, we take no prisoners! Every once in awhile, though, you get your first timers. Doesn't matter what it's their first time doing, just as long as it's their first time. Trust me, it's always really special. Take this girl Kristen, for instance. She's the type of girl that makes it all worth it. Kristen has perfect tits, great ass, and knows how to be a total fucking slut on cue. Kristen has done all sort of dirty little things off-camera. So who better than us to put her and all her slutty little talents on-camera for the first time! In addition to being on-camera for the first time, Kristen also swallows for the first time. So yeah, this girl was awesome