Little White Bikini...Cum Inside Of Me

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small1sh deleted Aug 18 2017

I'd love to cum inside you then lick you clean!!

Jpupper deleted - Top reviewer Feb 10 2018
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The superb quality of this video is only outdone by the extraordinary dirty talking ability of this magnificent beauty. She has such a gorgeous body, which she knows how to show off and tease with just right.

mconers Aug 12 2017
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Amber, I love your videos. So hot, so dirty, so beautiful.
Your wish came true!!!

BuyUSA1st - Top reviewer Jul 20 2017
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She's beautiful, awesome body, and really great dirty talk... A++ vid

prassets - Top reviewer Nov 14
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this video gets me so fucking fired up, making me want to slam that pussy into another dimension and shoot my cum all over you

So this is a hot video! I like it! I suggest this video, if you like hearing me talk about fucking and cum loads. I basically decide to cum near the window of my hotel room. Where I have a clear view of the pool and all the people at it! So anyways.. Listen to me tease you and ramble on about how I love dick.. More than I love anything... lol... I am already letting you know from the start- that I want you to cum inside of me! Anyways.. I am horny and no idea what I am even talking about.. I do know I want to make you cummm, really hard.. And inside, Haha. I finally get my bikini off and start finger fucking my pussy so hard... .before I grab one of my favorite, solid and hard toys... Watch me slide it in and basically just start pounding my pussy hard... allll whilst begging for cum.... Do not stop jerking off at any point during this video.. Give me your cum
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