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Bunnie Hughes

American / The Ship Serenity
1,575 5.0
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seanh_97 - Top reviewer Oct 16
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Love the bratty little daughter roleplay! Bunnie has such amazing dirty talk

Keith86 - Top reviewer Apr 5
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amazing roleplay, great kinky fantasy

After 3 days of being gone, she is back home. Instead of a nice hello or even a hug, as soon as she walks in the door she's telling you to give her more money. She is such a BRAT! It's time to teach her a lesson and make her work for her money. "If you want your money, you have to strip for me." She is clearly pissed off, cussing at you and making jabs the whole time, but eventually she does it, first showing you the panties she's been wearing when she goes to see her boyfriend, then stripping down to fully nude. She's not nice about it at all, but seems to take a slight pleasure in teasing you once she knows you're aroused by her slutty nudity. But her friends are waiting outside and she's getting bored, she begs you to hurry up and cum on her so she can take the money and go to the mall. In the end she lets you know how much she craves your punishments. You know she acts out like this just because she wants to be put in her place, so next time you're going to fuck her real good and make her submit to your authority