Custom dipping, trash talk +wrestle pt.1


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
8:45 min - Jul 18 - .WMV - 516.16 MB - 1440x1080 HD


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This is a custom. Savannah Fox is outside talking to her boyfriend on the phone. She waiting outside about to go to a shoot. She has on tight blue leggings and a pair of sexy heels. As her talks she dips her pretty feet. She lets her snakeskin heels dangle as she tells her boyfriend about her scene. Shes supposed to wrestle but it won't be that much of a fight. Shes versing this skinny barbie bitch, and she can't wait to pound her into the ground. She's going to c hoke her with her scissor hold and make her to eat her pussy. She continues to dip to public and then admires her dirty soles. Satisfied she walks off to her shoot. In the green room, Savannah is sitting down flexing her muscles. She can't wait to beat up this skinny little bitch, she is the best and the strongest. In walks her opponent Alexa Nova. The cute little redhead mutters hello. But Savannah puts it all out in the open. She tells Alexa how shes the best, and shes going to win their match. Alexa scoffs and says SHE'S the best and she is going to win. Savannah argues shes a good woman is is way better then Alexa will ever be. The girls argue about who is better, then Savannah tells Alexa that even her boyfriend is better the Alexa's boyfriend. Alexa vehemently denies it, claiming her man is big and powerful. Savannah tells her to put her money where her mouth is and offers a bet. Before their match they are going to watch their boyfriends wrestle it out. That will prove who really has the alpha male. The girls settle in ringside to watch the match. Savannah continues to dip her sexy heels and dangle them. As she revels flashes of her sexy arch's and dirty soles the girls cheer on their boyfriends. As the boys have it out in the pit the girls trash talk each other. Savannah, clearly the bully makes threats to Alexa about how her man is going to win and humiliate Alexa's man. As it becomes clear that Savannah's boyfriend is going to win, she decides to up the ante. She yells for her man to ch oke Alexa's boy out, show him whos boss. When Savannah's alpha male wins, she orders him to humiliate the loser by unzipping his pants and cum on his face! Alexa seeing her man in trouble tries to run and help him but Savannah grabs her in a half nelson and pulls her back f orcing her to watch. Savannah tells Alexa now she's going to wrestle,defeat her and humiliate her the same way. Savannah is going to cum all over Alexa's pretty little face! Continued in part 2