Dipping,+wrestling pt.2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
14:16 min - Jul 18 - .MP4 - 843.38 MB


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In this follow up to dipping and trash talking, Savannah and Alexa were watching there men wrestle. It was competition to see who has the alpha male. Savannah's boyfriend wins, and to really rub it in Alexa's face, Savannah tells him to humiliate him and to cum on his face! Alexa tries to run over and save her boyfriend but Savannah yanks her back and makes her watch. Savannah tells her, now that my man has defeated yours and came on his face, I'm going to to the same to you! She throws Alexa to the ground and the two girls face off. Already distraught Alexa is sloppy and Savannah is quick to bully her. Savannah gets on top of Alexa and puts her in a wrenching grapevine. Alexa cries out in pain and terror. She' starting to realize she is no match for this experienced wrestler. As she tries desperately to overpower Savannah, Savannah mocks and taunts her. Throwing insults about how Alexa is just a skinny barbie bitch and no matter how hard she tries she is going to lose! Savannah beats up girls like her for fun! Now Savannah will prove that SHE is the better woman. She's stronger faster, and better looking then Alexa. She pins Alexa to the ground in side control, hooking her leg around. She toys with Alexa ordering her to get up. The girls roll around, Savannah clearly just toying with her victim now, even lets her get a freebie. She lets Alexa get her in a body scissor, and orders her to squeeze her as hard as she can. When Alexa really cranks down, Savannah just flexes her powerful ab muscles. Alexa tries and tries to hurt Sav, but she just flexes proving her muscular superiority. Savannah then punishes Alexa for all her trash talking. She pounces and doesn't let Alexa even get a breather. She puts her in devastating scissor-holds and repetitively almost makes Alexa pass out. After a couple more minutes Savannah gets bored of the fight and decides to bring it home. She gives Alexa one last chance to not be so pathetic. She allows her to get Savannah in a ch oke-hold. Savannah has been going so hard, Alexa is gasping for breathe and is super weak. In a last ditch effort Alexa c hokes Savannah with all her might, but its to little to late. Savannah just flips her over onto the floor and gets into a schoolgirl pin. She tells Alexa that she had a chance to c hoke her, and now it's her turn! She's going to crush the life out of her with her pussy. She orders Alexa to beg for her life, otherwise its lights out! Alexa cries and blubbers. She tries to gasp for air and beg Savannah not to end her. Savannah likes the way Alexa's voice box is vibrating her pussy, and orders her to keep begging! She pulls her head even tighter crushing Alexa's throat. Savannah is hott with power and lust. Now that she has Alexa right where she wants her, she's going to get her own and humiliate her! Savannah rips open the crotch of her leggings and makes Alexa to eat her pussy. Alexa desperately tries to resit but shes to weak. Savannah just moves her around like a rag doll. She sits on Alexa face s mothering her. Savannah toys with her prize making her to eat her pussy and s mothering her under her huge ass! She humps Alexa's face into a squirting orgasm! She laughs as she dr owns Alexa in her squirt