Super Soaker Squirter All Over Her Face

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Japanese / @littlesubgirlm
60,388 4.9
18:46 min - Jul 19 - .MP4 - 1.98 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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wejustcrazy Jul 24 2017

This looks incredible!!!!

ilovelove - Top reviewer Jul 24 2017
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hot and good looking girl. Well made video. Great quality! No regrets!

loveitsomuch - Top reviewer Jul 24 2017
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I could watch her all night, every night... and plan to :) She's gorgeous and very very talented :)

mfredm Jul 24 2017
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I've been jerking off to her on chaturbate for awhile now. She's honestly one of the sweetest and kindest and most generous girls out there. I only dream to have a chance of meeting her some day. Just absolutely love watching and getting off with such a sweet and sexy lady like her!

fjklmn73 Jul 23 2017
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Man were to begin with this review, well first off this video is worth every dollar, quarter, penny you name it. She squirts like a champ. Love the way shes lets her cum drenched her gorgeous body. Anyways 10/10 from me.

bluephoenixx - Top reviewer Jul 20 2017
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I found this video, and this girl, randomly through browsing Manyvids, and I'm extremely glad I did. This video is fantastic, well worth every penny :)

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Wonderful video. Love this point of view :)

Keith86 - Top reviewer Apr 5
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super hot asian girl

tjrlcr2k1 - Top reviewer Feb 25
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I have never seen a squiting video better than this!

joinwrite Sep 15 2017
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Perfect self squirting vid. It's wonderful experience. She is so awesome.

Littlesubgirl Sep 15 2017

Thank you!! :)

arizona1979 Jul 24 2017
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Amazing watching this fresh faced young woman reveal the cum loving monster that lies inside her. This isn't a performance so much as a record of her expressing her true nature!

nn123nn Jul 23 2017
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Content-wise it's pretty great, and it does what it promises in the description. I have a fetish for squirting/peeing to (own) face, and she does a good job. The price is too steep which is why this review isn't 5-star. It's a good video, but something like 15 would be a lot more fair considering what most other videos cost... but perhaps she can ask for more because she's Asian? Regardless, she's absolutely sexy, and if you don't mind the price, then it's probably worth a buy. :)

This is a bird eye view, which is great for squirting on the face scenes! Wearing nothing, she lies downs and spreads her legs. She then grabs a bottle of oil and begins to rub it on her beautiful perky breasts. She rubs baby oil all over her body making it shine. Once she is covered with oil, she spreads her legs and wants you to fuck her. You shove your cock in her wet tight pussy. You start to fuck her missionary, watching her perky tits bounce. You continue to pound her pussy until she squirts all over her face and body! Prepare to be showered in squirt as you get an extreme view of her water pressure! She squirts over and over again making her face and whole body soaking wet and her hair drenching with her girlie load of squirt! In the end She fully covered with her own pussy juice, her hair drenching wet and her juice dripping all over her body! Then She licks her pussy juice from the floor with a big smile! Includes: Asian, Japanese, Chinese, young, petite, tight asses, teens, long hair, skinny, squirting, squirt, female ejaculation, orgasms, wet and messy, wet look, close ups, extreme close up, cum play, dildo fucking, oil, lotion/oil fetish, virtual sex, tit play, titty squeezing, [DSLR Camera] [1080 px