Best Friends Preggo Belly Worship



American / Florida
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Best friends Sadie and Stefania haven't seen one another in a few months and Stefania has a surprise for her! Stefania invites Sadie to come over so they can take a break from life and just have a girls night but little does Sadie know Stefania is about to pop in less than 10 weeks! The girls finally see each other face to face and Sadie can't help but notice how round Stefani's pregnant belly is! Stefania has a pregnancy radiance to her and when Sadie ask's if she can worship her baby bump she lights up even more! Stefania pulls her skin tight bodycon dress up over her pregnant belly which exposed her pregnancy line, and her slightly protruding belly button. Sadie smiles and gently starts to rub Stefania's belly, giving it sweet kisses before sliding her wet tongue from top to bottom. She rubs Stefania's belly while tonguing her belly button. Stefania's belly and her naval are so sensitive from her pregnancy she starts to let out soft moans of pleasure as Sadie continues to kiss, lick and rub her