Jewel schooled+screwed pt2


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:19 min - Jul 19 - .MP4 - 410.73 MB


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In this part 2 update Savannah has invited Cheyenne over for some wrestling practice. But Savannah has had other things on her mind, she began getting grabby with Cheyenne, removing her top and groping her booty and breasts. Cheyenne is getting really annoyed and tells Savannah if she doesn't cut the she is going to leave. Savannah promises to to back off and practice for real. The girls face off and Cheyenne give Savannah some pointers. The girls roll around practicing and Savannah gets her in a reverse head scissor. Pretending their at an Ultimate surrender match Savannah pinches her nipples and slips her fingers into Cheyenne bottoms. Not about to sit there and take it Cheyenne wraps her legs around Savannah getting a double scissors. Savannah seizes the opportunity to run her fingers along Cheyennes pussy. Taken aback Cheyenne lets go and tells Savannah to stop, they are not on set, and she is making her feel uncomfortable. Savannah assures her it was an accident, she is just so use to ultimate surrender, its just natural for her to act like that. Sav apologizes and the girls go back to their practice. They face off and roll around. Cheyenne sits on Savannah's face attempting a figure four, but instead of struggling Savannah takes a deep whiff and smiles. Cheyenne tells her to keep going so Savannah gets her in a front head scissor. She unlocks her legs and uses them to pin Cheyennes arms. Savannah begins to stroke and pinch Cheyennes nipples. But this has gone to far for Cheyenne, Savannah has been acting weird ever since she came over, and shes been molesting her this whole time. She tells Savannah she's had enough and she is leaving. Savannah quickly backpedals and tries to get her to stay. She promises to stop touching her, but Cheyenne is not convinced, Savannah already said that 5 times before. Angry she gathers her things and heads to the door as Savannah begs her not to go. Savannah has a smirk on her face as Cheyenne opens the glass door. When she tries to leave she finds MR.Fox at the gate. He locks it with a resounding click and tells Cheyenne she isn't going anywhere. Startled, Cheyenne backs up into the house and bumps right into Savannah. She cries out to them, what the fuck is going on? As they descend on her. Mr.Fox grabs her from behind and holds her arms back as Savannah wraps her hands around her throat. Savannah tells her she has a confession to make... She didn't invite her over for wrestling practice, They want her fuck holes. Mr.Fox is going to fill one hole, while I fill the other she tells Cheyenne as she starts to undress her. The foxes laugh as she screams and cover her mouth...Cont in part 3