Autumn Gram Stars in "Squirt Stories"


Autumn Gram

Serbian / Southern California
9:36 min - Jul 20 - .MOV - 552.44 MB


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Did a photo shoot for nice photographer who I have worked with before, during shoot I brought up I could squirt naturally and he did not believe me! So we made a bet that if I could on camera he would pay double for the photo shoot! So he asks me about how I found out I could squirt (getting fucked hard when I was 19) and how I do it etc...Then I get naked, lick my luscious 34DD's! Then I go to work on my pussy, lubing it up, working it over with multiple finger insertions and rubbing my clit furiously until I cum hard and squirt all over! Give it a minute and then I do it again! Then I invite him to lick it all off and after he shuts the camera off he does just that then fucks the daylights out of me until I cum two more times! The I let him drop a big load right in my mouth! Maybe one of these days we should film that!!! Lmk what you think! Until then enjoy the showers! Hit me on twitter @sexyautumngram