Freebie Tuesday

Shiny spanks


Fetish Bonnie

American / the internet
5:21 min - Aug 12 - .MP4 - 308.36 MB


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I been feeling a bit masochistic lately and since I have no one to spank me I guess I can just as easily get the job done myself right? I start off spread eagle to the camera while wearing my shiny, mermaid scale short-shorts spanking my pussy. Lightly at first, I like to ease myself into it, but after awhile I pick up speed and the WHAPS pick up more power. I flip to being on all fours and I keep spanking away, but I move the target now to my round ass. With every slap it gets a little more pink until it looks like my cute little ass is blushing, but I keep jiggling and spanking my sexy butt to my hearts content moaning and groaning with every slap of the paddle