The Stalker Girl Girl

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216 5.0
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great loved it all. ella winters plays a very good stalker so sexy watching you 2 girls rubbing your pussys together very happy with my purchase

Ela Winters was just obsessed with Angel Long , she cut out all her images from the magazines and stuck them to the walls & perved over them. She watched all her porn and when she realised she lived in the same town as her she started stalking her regularly. Ela Followed Angel where ever she went. One day she got her wish & this is what happened . The 2 girls made love, well actually they fucked hard but it was also so sexy & sensual . The video is full of passionate kissing & eating of each others pussy . You can see we are both so into each other . It was so damn fucking horny. All we used was our tongues and our fingers but i can promise this scene will turn you on so damn much