Lucoa From Dragon Maid Eager POV Boobjob

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Lana Rain

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82,638 5.0
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Reel Seduction Nov 6 2017

So totally sexy! It's easy to get lost in this amazing fantasy world. She is too cute! I want more!

Reel Seduction Nov 6 2017

So totally sexy! It's easy to get lost in this amazing fantasy world. She is too cute! I want more!

Tvolt22 Jul 24 2017

I am a bit curious; the toy that you use for this video. how does it end up shooting? Does it come with a liquid you put into it, or is it something you have to get separately?

Aimegirl Aug 8 2017

They have some on Amazon that you can press a button and it shoots out. They come flavored like vanilla or other stuff but I think I'd just use milk or yogurt.

MistressGeisha Jul 24 2017

Beautiful 💜💜💜💜

Candystart Jul 24 2017

Wow awesome :A:x

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Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jul 23 2017
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So Lana first titfuck video. Guys. This is perect. his is a great start for Lana titfuck video. Those beautiful boobs of hers and that pervy look she gives you while titfucking. You guys will be begging to cum on her tits for real. Also Lana. I will always stick with you as you progress further in your filming. I hope you get that condo to improve your cinematography. Good luck ^_^

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This video is for anyone that is huge fan of Lana's beautiful tits (who isn't)

cviddy Sep 19 2017
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sooo good. just what i needed.

peekyaboo Aug 26 2017
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Those eyes will make anyone go crazy. Stop thinking about it and get this video you will thank yourself (and Lana) for it.

B-Tier][No Plot][Cosplay][FullHD][60FPS] My first (and most likely not the last if this sells well!) video featuring Lucoa from the Anime, "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid". Lucoa is known for her gigantic boobs and what better way to express widespread audience appreciation than a POV boobjob to focus on what is arguably her most famous asset. ||||||||||||||||| One small complaint I have about this video is the audio is a bit unclean compared to my best out there. The reason for this was that there were a lot of background noise throughout my filming (which is why I had to film multiple times on different days, repeating the cosplay, just to compile this video together) and I had to spend hours tediously cleaning up the audio as best I could. As a byproduct, I had to find a balance between okay audio and near-zero background noise, or unbearable background noise with better vocals. My dream is to own a condo with an extra room for me to dedicate to the cinematography side of my career so that I can set that room up with acoustic grade interior. Currently it is not possible with my current apartment. The grind continues, so until then, I hope you guys can bare some unavoidable inconsistencies >.&lt