Shower Hose Enema Lactating Tease Candid


Naughty Val

Russian / Russia
8:15 min - Jul 23 - .MP4 - 153.13 MB


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I measure my belly and start to make Shower Hose ENEMA to clean myself...) My belly is **cm now) Then I take the shower hose and insert it in my ass...) Oh the water going so fast and its so hard to handle...) Feeling torrents of water flood my belly and make it bigger... rounder....and heavier turns me on so much! I love the pain of feeling too full and feeling like I'm about to pop....)While I have the enema in my asshole I lACTAtING my huge milking TITS) You may see MILK drops over here)xx Then I measure my belly again and its got bigger...a lot bigger! But not enough) So I put one more enema...Then I measure it again and now its **cm!! Thats almost 20cm bigger then before enema! Oh I cant hold myself anymore so I run out)xx