My Sister Ruined My Diet



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My sister Bianca has always been the skinny pretty one and I went on a diet to change that. I guess she noticed I was starting to lose weight and wanted to ruin it for me. My sister comes home after getting gas and shows me a bag full of my favorite snacks saying I need to come off my diet and stay fat for her. I was baffled and tried to resist her bitter words but damn, she really got all my favorites. She rubs and jiggles my awesome belly and tempts me with a cupcake. She feeds me over 1400 calories of snack cakes and chips while telling me how fat she's going to make me, how she'll make me immobile just to feed me all day and take me out everywhere to make herself look better in comparison. ||| 1080P HD Mp4 Category: FEEDER/FEEDEE Related Categories: SISTERS, FACESTUFFING/OVEREATING, BBW WITH THIN CHICKS, BBW, TABOO