Handcuff Lover - Angel Lee


Angel Lee

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Angel Lee sneaks in the break room and pulls out her leg shackles and handcuffs. The tight metal straps around her delicate ankles emphasizes the toe cleavage in her high heel pumps. Readjusting to make them tight enough, she crosses her legs to admire the jewelry. Standing, she walks and enjoys the chain dancing between each calf. <BR><BR> She poses on the sofa and tests how far they spread. Her hands pull the strand to make it dig deeper in her flesh. Her red fingernails caress the shiny silver handcuffs as she clanks the metal in pleasure. Multiple clicks make it tighter and she make them extra secure. Her palms face each other and she resumes walking with both handcuffs and shackles. Bending over she tries stretching the metal but it's stronger. Contorting on the sofa she writhes against her metal binds. <BR><BR> A second pair of cuffs link her leg shackles chain to the wrist cuffs. A self imposed hogtie makes her happy as she struggles. <BR><BR> After work and uncuffed, she flops on her bed and puts the metal cuffs back on her arms for a secure night of rest. <BR><BR> OTHER KEYWORDS- handcuff and shackles, high heels, shoe fetish, leg shackles, blondes, blonde, blond, sensual bondage, legs, muscular woman