Punished Schoolgirl Squirts in Panties



American / East Coast
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Schoolgirl Ali has been a very bad girl texting in class. She promises she will never do it again, but to ensure that, she knows she needs to get punished. Her ass gets paddled until it is a nice red color. A storm is brewing outside, thunder clashes as soon as the punishment is over. Perhaps schoolgirl Ali can stay a bit later for a reward. She rubs her cute pink panties and drenches them in squirt multiple times. Once she is drained dry, she shoves wet panties in mouth to muffle her screams as her pussy gets fingered. She is so wet, you can hear it, and if you look closely, can see that she is creamy. Once she cums, panties and drool fall out of her mouth. Her wet panties tasted so good in mouth as she was getting finger fucked
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