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Lynne Get Her Asshole Punished

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359 5.0
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subbers66 - Top reviewer Nov 7 2017
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This girl is so cute

This innocent looking, petite blonde cheerleader was all smiles and hugs. She must have thought we were doing a software romance porno. I didn’t take Lynne long to figure out “this” was not that “that”. She stared straight into the camera while she got face fucked. Once we pulled down her little yellow panties, you could see a little worry and dread on her face. Mike got right to stuffing this little petite blonde full of cock. Lynne pussy was super tight, you can see her tense up with every stroke. Once Mike had her pussy hole gapping, It was time for a little anal lesson. Mike was so cruel. He didn’t even lube up. Mike stretch Lynne’s tight asshole right around his thick cock. By the look on her face, she’s either about to cum, or pass out. This is intense, anal fucking