The Giantess

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Not normally into this, but works here for me

Glad to hear I got you to try something new. ;)

This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: Marissa is a giant who has just recently rampaged a village. She captured 4 humans brought them home with her as a souvenir from her destruction. She placed them in a bowl by her bed and decided to take a nude nap. She wakes up and looks inside her bowl and realizes the bowl is empty and that the prisoners have escaped. They couldn't have gone far because they are so small and they are after all, in a giant's house. Marissa goes looking for them, but stays naked in the process. As she walks around naked looking in her house, she finds her first victim on the floor. She squats down and picks him up. She says how she was going to let them all live, but because of their defiance and escape attempt, she has changed her mind. She says how tasty he looks and she licks her lips. She then opens her mouth and drops him in and eats him. She finds another one on the floor and she taunts him by raising her foot. She then stomps on him, crushes him with her foot. She looks for the other two and then she finds on one her couch. She taunts him by spanking her ass first threatening to sit on him and then she fulfills the death wish by sitting on him. As she stands up, the tiny person is sticking on her ass cheek, so she spanks her ass and sits on him again. As she is walking, She finds the final prisoner on the floor and she picks him up saying that she has something special planned for him. She brings him on her bed and decides to use him as a sex toy. Once she finishes, she eats him