Relationship Blackmail



American / Atlanta, GA
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Honey we need to talk. You know I love you right? I'm sorry but this relationship simply isn't working for me. You're too much of a little bitch. Oh geez. Don't cry. See this is why you're a pussy. I already have a pussy. I don't need another one. Wow. Did you really just ask if there is ANYTHING you can do for me to keep you? How pathetic. Hmm I can think of one thing that may work but you're not going to go for it? No really. You should just go. Ok fine. But understand.. If you don't go for this, don't even bother saying a single word. Just pack your stuff and get out. Ready? I want you to be my Faggot Whore. I want to train that mouth and ass of you're to take cock like a pro then whore you out to any man I chose. In fact, guess what I'm wearing. Look at my glorious strap on. It's so much bigger than that little zit you call a cock. Come here.. I'm going to shove this down your throat. I don't care if it makes you gag. You probably won't be able to breathe but I'm going to fuck your throat without mercy. Now that you're semi use to this size, Look what I have for you. Practice on this Big Black Cock I have stuck to the wall. Let me see your worship it. Slob it for me. Show me how much of a cock whore you are while I tell you how I'm going to use you. When it gets unbearable, remember why you are doing this. Look at my amazing body. You long to still be able to call me "yours". Oh one more thing, we aren't fucking anymore. If I get turned on watching you serving my bulls, I'm going to have them fuck me and I MIGHT let you lick their cum out of my pussy and my creampies off their dick but only if you're a good cock whore