Fetish Friday

What I do with tiny pricked losers


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
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Yeah, I see you looking and lusting after My perfect body and mind. Unfortunately though, I’m COMPLETELY out of your league and we both know it. I mean, out of all the sexy boys out there, why would I EVER choose a tiny pricked loser like you? Honestly, the most you can hope for is to clean the bottom of My stilettos before I kick them off to fuck My Alpha bull...Oh, but you want more than that? Well, if you REALLY want to play a more intimate role in My life, then you’ll have to prove you’re useful. Watch Me wax poetic in this POV video about your future as My little beta bitch, making you prove you can actually be useful in My life by servicing a REAL MAN with your desperate little mouth. Trust Me, you’ll never be the same after falling prey to My beauty and magnetism. Just like Pavlov, I’m going to make you hunger for the whole girth of a REAL man’s cock, degrading yourself like a stupid cocksucker just to play a bit part in the novel that is My life