Fetish Friday

Pathetic piss catcher does his job

2,256 5.0

Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
2,256 5.0
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I see you trying to look up My dress--so desperate, it makes Me sick! But even the most worthless maggot has a purpose--what's the saying, "One man is another Woman's trash"? LOL. Me: dressed to the nines, you: butt naked on the floor and groveling--it's an odd couple if I've ever seen one! To be honest, the only way that I'd EVER be seen with you is if you're cutting My waiting time way, way down. I mean, you know that the only reason I keep your loser ass around is because I hate waiting for the bathroom at parties, right? So get your little piss catcher ready--cause it's time to do your job, chambermaid