Lucy's blackmail revenge: PART 2


Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
15:37 min - Aug 4 - .MP4 - 1.01 GB


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There’s nothing I take more pleasure in than showing a worthless pervert his true place in this world. Bored with smashing his pathetic face with My ass, I promote this loser security guard from seat cushion to human receptacle! Spit, mucus, snot, fingernail clippings--nothing is too disgusting for this human garbage disposal to get rid of for me. Genuinely taking pleasure in covering and smearing his loser face with My saliva, I love making this disgusting subhuman spitoon tell Me over and over again how much he *appreciates* My gifts! Featuring hand gagging, faceslapping, and verbal humiliation, reducing a grown man to nothing more than a nasty little pig mouth for Me to degrade is My favorite way to start the day