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Lucy's blackmail revenge: PART 2

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Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
1,083 5.0
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bob454 Aug 20 2017
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I have purchased several of Mistress Lucy's videos. This is one of my faves. It caters perfectly to spit and fingers/hands in mouth fetishists of which I am both. There is also a lot of face slapping. Having experienced all of these from Goddess Lucy herself, this video got me ready for another in person session. She is the best domme I've known over many years. For something different she also clipped her fingernails into his mouth and made him eat them. I've cum three times already and am not quite to the end yet. ;)

There’s nothing I take more pleasure in than showing a worthless pervert his true place in this world. Bored with smashing his pathetic face with My ass, I promote this loser security guard from seat cushion to human receptacle! Spit, mucus, snot, fingernail clippings--nothing is too disgusting for this human garbage disposal to get rid of for me. Genuinely taking pleasure in covering and smearing his loser face with My saliva, I love making this disgusting subhuman spitoon tell Me over and over again how much he *appreciates* My gifts! Featuring hand gagging, faceslapping, and verbal humiliation, reducing a grown man to nothing more than a nasty little pig mouth for Me to degrade is My favorite way to start the day