Boot bitch turned sock sniffing pervert


Miss Babylon

American / the internet
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I've been wearing these boots ALL day and I haven't exactly been idle. I mean sure, walking around is a healthy habit to get into, but it doesn't come without it's consquences. And in this case that means SUPER stinky feet. Even a bitchin' little banshee like me sweats sometimes, especially with such expensive, well insulated shoes on! Now, I know you like boots, but that's not what this clip is about. Why would I ever do something you actually ENJOY? That wouldn't be much fun would it? No, this clip is all about developing your nasty little boot addiction into a full blown sock-smelling-fiending. I'm going to shove my nasty, sweat socks into your face until one of two things happens: you like it or I get bored. Lets see which happens first, shall we